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The Way We Live: In the City Серия: The Way We Live инфо 6897j.

The Way We Live: In the City Серия: The Way We Live инфо 6897j.

Gilles de Chabaneix was fascinated by the life of cities around the world, both as complete entities and as compendiums of urban detail in the form of streets, houses, apartments, offices, bars, cafes and peopашщмъle Beyond and behind the life of the streets lie the private spaces - interiors and rooms where the tastes and aspirations of individuals are reflected in the design and arrangement of myriad objects set amid a whole panoply of different colours, textures, materials aбимжяnd finishes This book illustrates the ways in which people go about creating their own personal environment and the detailing they apply to it City Homes looks at city dwelling in the round, throughout the world City Spaces focuses on the details of city living: the places we devote to cooking, bathing, eating and sleeping City Surfaces is a study in itself of interior decoration: colour, texture and materials City Detail demonstrates the ways in which even restricted spaces canбркеж be made interesting and inviting: arrangements of art and objects; "cabinets of curiosities"; detailing of storage space; external embellishments City Life is an amazing photo essay of cityscapes around the world: buildings, street life, communities Every opportunity to make cross-cultural comparisons and connections is taken, providing a truly international view of the city experience, and creating a whole book that is effectively a compilation of inspirational ideas for stylish urban living With 363 colour illustrations Иллюстрации Авторы Стаффорд Клифф Stafford Cliff Жиль де Шабанье Gilles de Chabaneix.

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